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FRISCO, Texas (Via US Youth Soccer) — The 15U through 19/20 Boys and Girls champions were crowned Sunday at the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships at the Toyota Soccer Center in Frisco, Texas.

Sunday’s final matchups featured teams who earned the right to play for their respective National titles through success in group play and victories in their semifinal games.

2017 US Youth Soccer National Champions

13U Girls San Diego Surf (CA-S)
13U Boys St. Louis Scott Gallagher Pre Academy 04 (MO)
14U Girls LVPSA 03 Red (NV)
14U Boys USA/MP 2003 Premier (SC)
15U Girls Nationals Union 02 Black (MI)
15U Boys Solar Chelsea Red 02 Stricker (TX-N)
16U Girls Nationals Union 01 Black (MI)
16U Boys Tampa Bay United (FL)
17U Girls CUP 00 Gold (OH-S)
17U Boys Baltimore Celtic SC 2000 (MD)
18U Girls TSC Showcase (TN)
18U Boys BRYC 99 Elite (VA)
19/20U Girls 98 CR Academy (NC)
19/20U Boys Challenger Crew Jrs Gold 98 (OH-N)





15U Boys: Solar Chelsea Red 02 Stricker (TX-N) 1-0 Tuzos Academy 02 (AZ)
In an incredibly exciting back-and-forth matchup, Solar Chelsea Red 02 Stricker (TX-N) defeated Tuzos Academy 02 (AZ), for the 15U Boys National title. The lone goal of the match was scored by Solar Chelsea’s Brandon Gast in the 57th minute, though there were several chances for both teams.

Head Coach Chris Sticker knew that the teams at the National Championships were going to be the best in the country, but he was so confident in his team’s abilities and togetherness, that the dream of being a National Championship never wavered.

“We knew that every team we played was going to be hot, but we were hot, too. I told my team, if we stick together and trust each other, I think we can do it,” Stricker said.” You saw as the week went on, every team wears on each other. Every team out here is putting everything they have on the line, so to lift that cup, it
takes every ounce of energy.”

Winning a National Championship was special for Stricker because he got to share this monumental moment with his son, Skyler.

“It’s one thing to win a National Championship as a coach, but to be able to do it with my son is something I feel so blessed and grateful for.”