Solar Players well Represented in the UIL State Finals

Congratulations to the following Solar HS student athletes on advancing to the UIL Texas High School 5A and 6A State Tournament in Georgetown.

Allen HS – 6A Region Champions 

Claire Carney,Sr. (Solar Volkan) 

Jordan Colbert, Sr. (Solar Composite u18/19) 

Alex Goode, Sr. (Solar 01G)

April Moreno, Sr. (Solar Volkan)

Elizabeth Moreno,Sr. (Solar-01 Wells)

Natalie Price – Sr. (Solar Volkan) 

Haley Spray, Jr. (Solar ECNL u17) 

Abagail Suess (Solar ECNL u18/19) 


Dallas Highland Park HS – 

5A Region Champions 

Sydney Cox, Jr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Amelia Stevens, So. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 


Legacy HS – 4A Region Champions 

Tatum Krueger, Sr, (Solar 00g)

Kam Blevins, Sr, (Solar 00g)

Kaylee Murray, Sr, (Solar 00g)

Mansfield Legacy HS –

5ARegion Champions 

Brenna Scheffler, Jr. (Solar- 01g)


Melissa HS – Class 4A Region 2 Champions

Anna Blankenship, Fr. (Solar 04G Rundell) 

Maci Robertson, Fr. (Solar 03G Wells) 

Reagan Eichel, Sr. (Solar 01G)


Southlake Carroll HS – 6A Region 1 Champions 

Madelyn Bryant, Sr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Madi Drenowatz, Jr. (Solar FDL u18/19) 

Kendall Gilpin, Sr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Madi Martin, Sr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Olivia Hein, Jr. (Solar ECNL) 

Sarah Hornyak, Jr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Gabriella Jamal, So. (Solar FDL) 

Lauren Mazick, Jr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Bailey Meyer, Jr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Sydney Noble, Sr. (Solar FDL u18/19) 

Karina Owens, Jr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Tara Sumer, Sr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Taylor Tuft, Jr. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 

Morgan Quillen, So. (Solar ECNL u18/19) 


Wakeland High 5A Region 2 Champions 

Todd Fuller Jr (Solar ECNL Boys Sawyer 18s)

William Hitchcock Jr (Solar ECNL Boys Sawyer 18s)

Bryson Bedsnek Sr (Solar 01B Stricker)


Best of luck to everyone. 


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