Solar Soccer Club is proud to announce our partnership with Michael Johnson Performance (MJP).  MJP is the leader in overall athletic development for athletes of all ages, including youth, elite, Olympic and professionals regardless of the sport they play.

Adrian Solca, Executive Director of Coaching at Solar, said “My vision was to identify and partner with a leader in speed, strength and agility, and MJP was the perfect fit.  I am very excited to have our club working with MJP and I’m looking forward to having our soccer players develop into better overall athletes.”

“As sport specialization of athletes gets younger and younger, the need for a training program that includes overall age-appropriate athletic training is vital for long term development and overall reduction in injury risk.  Kudos to the Solar leadership for recognizing this need.  We are proud to partner with Solar to offer this industry leading training to their athletes,” said Mike Simpson, VP of Sales & Marketing for MJP.

MJP brings 30 years of data, the latest research and technology, as well as a decade of working with all sports across the globe.

Bryan McCall, Director of Performance at MJP, said “We’ve developed a training program specifically for the needs of soccer players, and are focusing the training program based on the initial assessment we’ve done for the athletes.  Our program will make you a better athlete, which will translate very quickly to on-field performance.  Solar athletes that are training with us, are already seeing improvements after 4 weeks, and we will expect to see a significant jump after the 12 weeks are completed.”

Key components to the program are:

-Increased strength through age appropriate and focused lifts

-Increased quickness, speed and agility by leveraging technology and proven techniques

-Reduction of injury by measuring and utilizing training to develop muscular symmetry

MJP has tested over 450 Solar athletes at their facility in McKinney, TX, and is currently training over 200 Solar athletes, including the 6 Development Academy (DA) teams, ranging from 6-18 years old.

MJP was founded by 13 time World Champion and 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Johnson, and is based in McKinney, Texas. Michael founded MJP with the mission is to help every athlete reach his or her full athletic potential, regardless of age, gender, limitation, sport or natural ability.  Working with Solar fits perfectly within that mission, and we look forward to developing the next generation ofSolar athletes.

For more information, please contact Mike Gullo, Director of Sales, Athletic Development for Michael Johnson Performance, or go to the MJP website at



Michael Johnson Performance honors Solar athlete of the month, Kaitlyn Gustafson. Kaitlyn has not only illustrated great leadership in her group, but remembers all of the coaching cues from each class.  She is the first athlete to provide answers to any question that her Coaches ask, and she is always right on the mark with her responses.  She demonstrates understanding of key points through all of the drills and is a very coachable young athlete. Congrats Kaitlyn!