Join us Friday, December 28th 2018 for Solar’s day of caring! 

We have a Club wide goal of delivering 3000 meals on December 28th! Together we can make a HUGE impact in our community by filling 175 delivery routes to help feed the elderly. What a great opportunity to volunteer as a team and teach our children the importance of giving back to those in need.

There are a few ways you and your team can help – 

  1. Sign up your Solar player and teammates to deliver meals to Seniors on December 28th through Solar’s Day of caring Meals on Wheels program (volunteers each drive their own cars, provide their own gasoline and donates their time), VNA provides geographically compact, efficient routes and the meals that are delivered. (Estimated time commitment 2.5 hours) Click here to register for a route.
  2. Donate items for the Healthy Snack packs that will be delivered with the VNA meals on December 28th. Email if you or your team is interested this option.


Additional Details for our Day of Caring; 

The morning begins at  10:30a.m in the Meals on Wheels kitchen (located at 1440 W. Mockingbird Ave.), where we will all meet up to view and or quickly tour the VNA kitchen, pack healthy snack bags and decorate “have a nice day” cards. Then receive a brief training and pack up the warm/cool insulated bags that contain each of the meals to be delivered for the day (each cooler contains one hot and one cold food).  A typical route serves 11-18 clients and takes about two hours to deliver (most often, the routes take an hour to an hour ½).  Volunteer teams should partner up two to a car, no more than 4, this will allow for the maximum number of routes groups can commit to. We have 175 spots to fill – sign up today. 

Healthy Snack Bags / Have a Nice Day Cards!
The VNA “Healthy Snack Bag” program allows volunteers to create and / or deliver snack filled bags to clients on the Meals on Wheels list.  The bags are more often than not used as an extra meals for clients who don’t have regular access to weekend meals or consistent contact with family and friends to receive balanced meals throughout the day. This is in addition to the VNA meal you deliver.