Solar Soccer Club’s home grown star Samantha Meza is in Uruguay to play for the USA in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup game today. Team USA is in Group C & plays Cameroon on Wednesday, November 14th.  The games will be streamed on Fox Sports 2.

Here is our interview with Samantha.

How long have you played for Solar Soccer Club?

I have played for Solar since 2017.


What is the best thing about playing for Solar?

Playing for Solar is like being part of a huge family. People are always willing to help in any way possible.

What is your favorite team memory from Solar?

There are many great memories from being on the first Solar team I played with when I joined the club. Training, playing and traveling with the girls are all part of my favorite memories.

What motivates you as a player?

Working on always improving who I am as a player keeps me motivated. The challenges I face to be better motivate me and keep me constantly working hard. Also, working as a team to accomplish the same goal motivates me. I feel I have a huge responsibility to do everything I can to help reach that goal and I know my teammates feel the same way.

Does Solar help you achieve your goals?

Solar helps me achieve my goals. Adrian Solca has always been more than willing to do anything he can to help me achieve my goals and Coach Jason Bates welcomes me into his team with open arms. Both coaches fully support my journey with the national team.


I feel blessed to be part of an organization like Solar. It makes me happy to see how much work the administrators, coaches and parents put in to help their sons and daughters play the best sport in the world and to achieve their goals.