Competitive Managers

Managers Checklist

Please use this to ensure your team has all required documents

Injury Reporting

Managers are required to report any injury at a game or practice within 24 hours of injury

Game Film

Game film link to sign-up - $125 per game 1-5 games 6+ games $100


Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance

Payment Plan

Minimum due July 1st is $600 per player for Club dues unless already pre-approved from Stephanie

Team Dues Example Template

This is a guide to assist you in determining your teams dues.

Uniform Order form

This is for sizing purposes only, all orders will be placed on-line via the MyUniform Portal.

Competitive team Club Contract

Must have Club contract completed by each family.

NTSSA Competitive Registation Form

This contract can not be offer to any player from the coach, team or club prior to July 1st. (USYSA Teams)

US Club Soccer Membership Form

This contract can not be offer to any player from the coach, team or club prior to July 1st. (US Club Teams)

Medical Release

Medical releases are required.  They must be with you at all times during team events.

Club Raffle

The first $150 goes to the Club - 100% of funds sold after that are applied to your team or club dues.



Sponsorship / Donation Form

This is for Businesses and Individuals that are donating money for a specific Team or Player

Facility Rules

Please make sure you communicate this with the parents on your team.

Concussion Handout

Please make sure every parent has a link to this information

Baseline Concussion Testing

Please contact Ben Hogan to set-up your teams Baseline testing

Code of Conduct - Parents

Manager keep signature page for the teams records.

Code of Conduct - Players

Managers keep one a copy for your records.

Club Fact Sheet Required Answers

Must be submitted to NTSSA by June 15th (USYSA Teams only)

Fact Sheet Signature Page

Every parent and player must sign this page for receipt of the fact sheet.(USYSA Teams only)