Juniors Managers

Online Club Registration

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Notice: The club accepts Visa, MC, Discover, eChecks and ACH Bank Payments.

Heads Up to Parents

Keeping your child healthy and safe is always a top priority. This information will help you recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion or other serious brain injury

Parents Code of Conduct

Please save the signature page for your team records

Uniform Order form

Orders must be made via MyUniform - this handout is for sizing and pricing purposes only. Junior Uniform order deadline is July 25th - For new teams to be added to MyUniform please email Jennifer@Solarsoccerclub.com

US Club Registration Info

Register for US Club only if you are playing in a US Club sanctioned league. Please contact Lisa Perry for further instructions

NTSSA (USYSA) Individual Registration

This is the NTSSA registration form that must be validated by a local home association.

Positive Parentings

Positive Parenting resource guide

Managers Roles & Responsibilites

Your time effort and help to the team is much appreciated.

Team Volunteer Duties

Having multiple volunteers on every team divides up the work load and ensures everyone feels a part of the team. Use this guide to enlist help from other parents on your team.

Solar Juniors Bank Accounts

To request a bank acct. you must email Admin@solarsoccerclub.com and fill out required paperwork

TeamSnap / Website

For any Teamsnap or website changes please email LPerry@solarsoccerclub.com