Performance Training for Soccer:  What MJP can do for your athlete.


  1. Acceleration
    • First step quickness
    • Win more balls
    • “running onto the ball”
  2. Reaction/Quickness
    • Goalies more explosive on two or one foot takeoffs in goal
    • Better tracking of attacker on defense
    • Improved eye/body and eye/foot reaction times
  3. Balance/Leverage/Stability
    • Maintain positioning/regain control after losing possession
    • Hold defender off/gain leverage
    • Decrease incidence/severity of lateral ankle sprains
  4. Power Endurance
    • High speed, attacking style of play all game long
  5. Explosive Hip Power
    • Use hip musculature correctly/improve hip rotator strength and stability
    • Improves leg speed and ball striking speed/improve shot power
    • Win more balls in the air w/ improved vertical explosiveness and reactive landing ability
    • Decrease risk for ACL and ankle syndesmosis injury through improved landing mechanics
  6. Agility/Deceleration
    • Improve ability to “settle”
    • Improved ability to mark and cut; track the attacker
  7. Prehab/Corrective Exercise/Recovery Techniques
    • For most commonly injured areas in soccer athletes
    • How to recover most efficiently between practices, games, tourneys
    • “Training is only as good as your ability to recover from it”